Fat, Thin, Fat…. What next?

Since I was a child I’ve always had weight problems.   I’ve envied thin people and throughout my teenage years I was pretty depressed and this was a big cause of it.

There are a few things that cause my weight problems:

  1. I eat too much, clearly.
  2. I eat the wrong stuff and don’t make the right food choices
  3. I have a shit metabolism
  4. I have a very addictive personality

I’ve tried many diets over my life (inc. just trying to eat healthy and exercise more) but the only thing that has ever actually worked was when I went on a meal replacement plan at the end of 2015.   Between late Sep 14 and April 15 I lost over 100lb (over 7st) – here is a photo from Jan 15 where I was around 80lb down..

I even got to the point where I was cycling 13 miles each way to and from work rather than getting the train and running a 5k every Saturday morning.

I was really happy BUT the side effect from it was brutal… I got gall stones (which are bloody painful)  and an unsuccessful operation almost killed me… after this I decided to take things easy and enjoy life but this excuse led me to putting back on around 70% of what I lost and being pretty much back to where I was.. being constantly paranoid about how I look and what people think of me – being scared about getting onto planes or worried that I won’t fit on a rollercoaster with my kids.

So it’s time to take control again.  

This isn’t a new years resolution – it’s just easier to try and change lifestyles once Christmas is out of the way.

The plan is (against what some people think is a bad idea..) to get back on the meal replacement shakes again… but give myself the occasional “real” meal in the evenings when I feel I need it (sticking to meat and veg) – and get back to the gym to start getting fit again.

I started this today and day one has been a success – but I have to give it a break after a week as I’m off to a work conference in Vegas.

After I’ve lost enough to be feeling better about myself I’ll move to something else – either trying MyFitnessPal again or perhaps going to slimming world or similar to get me back into eating real food again.   This is likely to be around April time.

This isn’t the sensible and perhaps not the best way to get my weight under control again but I know it works and the hard work will come when I’ve lost 50lb again and try and keep it off.  It would be nice to not to look like a beached whale on our Cuba holiday in summer.

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