Children’s “Coin” games are the scum of the earth


OK – the title of this post is perhaps a bit harsh.   But only a bit and I also appreciate that I need to accept some elements of fault for what I’m about to say.

But games like Roblox or Injustice – especially those aimed towards children really need to be cracked down on my the app stores.   Here is what has happened to me.

+ Jacob got an ipad for secondary school (a requirement) and needed a couple of paid apps – for which I had to use my credit card to purchase.

+ Connor uses the family xbox and has his own xbox login (part of our family account) and once upon a time I used my credit card to purchase him a minecraft skin

Both Xbox and Apple store the card details by default and because of this – and because of my childrens lack of understanding of the concept of money – I have been charged over £500 across two separate occasions.   Both times it is my children getting a combination of Roblox coins or other game coins / points.    Buying multiple packages for over £70 a time.

Thankfully I’ve managed to get the money back for this and my cards have obviously now been removed from respective systems and further lock downs installed – but the overall question still remains the same to me – WHY is this allowed to even happen?   Why are there packages on children’s games for such a huge amount and why would they allow multiple purchases of them?

If you’ve got kids I’d suggest that you follow this guide on MSE on protecting this from happening  but that article is from 2013 and clearly shows that the mobile / gaming companies don’t give a damn considering it’s just as easy 4 years later – clearly because they are making a lot of money out of it.

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