Disney Store’s Magical Christmas Event


Through my day job I was luckily enough to be invited to bring the family to a Disney Store VIP Christmas Party (in conjunction with Great Ormond Street Hospital) yesterday at their Oxford Street store.

The event certainly made me feel Christmasy for the first time this year, despite already wearing my Christmas Jumper a number of times.

On arrival we were greeted with welcome drinks and given a chance to browse the the store.  The children were given magical bells and when asked to ring them by the bell ringer, Micky and Minnie Mouse (who had come over from Disneyland Paris) arrived with the Disney Voices choice singing a festive song to get everyone in the mood.

Speaking of the Disney Voices choir – they were FABULOUS.   This is a choir made up of Disney employees who sing (believe it or not) Disney songs.  If I didn’t already enjoy my job I’d almost want to join the Disney empire just so I could get involved!   They did a number of other performances through the rest of the night.

Shortly after the bell ringing had finished we were allowed to go to the bottom floor of the store where there were magicians and face painters on hand to entertain.   Belle from Beauty and the Beast was also there providing free photo ops and later in the night she was replaced by Mickey and Minnie.

Finally there was also the chance to write a letter to Santa and every letter written is exchange for a Soft Toy for Great Ormond Street.  Believe based upon previous years this is something that will be rolled out at all Disney Stores (and online) with up to 25,000 being donated across the campaign.


Overall it was a great night and we felt very privileged to be invited.

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