My favourite podcasts #1 – Replyall

I’m a huge podcast fan and it really helps the 2 hours I spend commuting to work each day.   I’ve never really got people who just dismiss the idea of podcasts as being “not something they are into” when there is so much diverse content out there.

So I thought I would start a series of blog posts listing not only my favourite podcasts but my favourite episodes from them.  Perhaps it will help you find some new podcasts to add to your list of perhaps if you’ve not bothered with them before it will convince you to give it a go.

So I’ll start with my favourite out of all of them, a podcast by Gimlet media called Replyall.

This is what Google tells me about Replyall when I search for it “It features stories about how people shape the internet, and how the internet shapes people.”.   But don’t get put off here – it’s really not geeky at all and the connection to the internet is pretty loose at times.

Picking an episode here is really tough as they are all really good so I’m going against the rule that I created seconds ago by sharing more than one of my favourites.

On the Inside

On the inside was probably a surprise to many who have listened to this podcast before.  It is very much like Serial (which I’ll come to another time) and goes into some depth in investigating a crime for which someone says they are innocent of.  The connection to the internet here is in that Paul Modrowski (the inmate) has been writing a blog about his experience in prison and his innocence which has risen to fame.

Episode #1 –
Episode #2 –
Episode #3 –

Todays the day

I don’t really know why I picked this episode.  It’s not a particular special one and there are probably others that I have enjoyed more.   But at this time of the year I thought it was good to share their experience of going outside and doing something a little bit different, like breaking into a building they should not be in.   Perhaps don’t try that one at home kids.

Listen here –

If you’ve got a suggestion on a podcast you listen to then feel free to leave a comment – always after new content to listen to!

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